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We ONLY sell the Best of the Best highest quality herbs, herbal smoke, legal herbal buds and herbal smoking blends. They are absolutely the purest, highest quality “primo” herbal smoke products on the market.

That is not just a marketing come-on. It is the truth. Herbal-smoke.com products are a recognized leader in the herbal smoke industry. In fact we are the only website 100% dedicated to the sales of herbs, herbal smoke, legal herbal buds and herbal smoking blends. What good is it going to do you to spend your hard earned money on herbal smoke products that are not what you think they are, or what they say they are?


Herbal Smoking Blend

Description: One of the top choices for traditional herbal blends. Sativah has been on the market for many years. It contains herbs in concentration known to promote incredibly vivid dreams and inspire the imagination.  New users should vaporize three days in a row to experience the full effects

Ingredients: Lettuce Opium, Egyptian Mugwort, Passion Flower, Mixed Chamomile, Raspberry and Spearmint for flavor.

Normal List Price - $14.95
Price - $15.95

Sativah 1/4oz.
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The Bull DogTM
Herbal Smoking Blend

Description: Inspired by The Bulldog Coffeehouse

Ingredients: May contain the following: Spearmint Leaf, Juniper Berries, Damiana, Wild Lettuce, Mad Dog Weed, California Poppy, Mugwort and Raspberry Leaf.


1/4 oz.
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Sedona GoldTM

Do not miss out on this one if you are looking for a smooth smoke.

Description:  A blend of Mullien Leaf, Scullcap ,& MORE. Specially blended to be very satisfying.

Rating: Smooth and sublte. 

1/2 ounce
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Amsterdam Haze TM

Description: Uncompromising quality, But even so, it’s remarkably smooth on the palette. It is simply excellent in all respects. An Herbal smoke that is going to be included among the best.

1 oz. (28 Grams) Only $24.95


1 oz. (28 Grams)
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Extreme Green TM

Whaddya expect? How about  a great scent and flavor!

Like a fresh garden salad, the “natural goodness” comes flowing out. The smell is earthy, the chilled FX are very nice like any other potent green herbal you normally come across. Extreme Green will make you smile. It’s a tumbling, bumbling, stumbling ride.

RATING:  Give Extreme Green a go and you won’t be disappointed.

1 oz. (28 Grams) Only $24.95

1 oz. (28 Grams)
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Herbacco TM
TOBACCO FREE herbal smoking blend

Herbacco: is a aromatic medley of smoking herbs and flower tops that combine the power of the dragon and tameness of a lamb. It is a Superior Smoking Mixture from which a great deal of time and care went into to creating it. It has a very Unique and satisfying flavor that is not harsh and has no bad after-taste.

Herbacco Is a very soothing and satisfying smoke. It can be enjoyed as smoke or as an Herbal Tea.

RATING: Herbacco Contains no tobacco or harmful chemicals. Once you try and experience this smoking blend for yourself and find out how great the flavor you will be back for more

1/4 oz 7 Grams
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1 oz 28 grams