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 Potent Exotic Smoke

All the herbs and herbal smoke offered on this page are among the rarest and most exotic specialty herbs in the world. They are unique, expensive and extremely uncommon which means they are available in very limited quantities. These herbs are among the most potent and effective herbs available and are well worth every penny! They are for the real "Canna-seur".

Information about the herbs listed here is provided for historical background and educational purposes only. Due to the numerous uses for these herbs the only thing we can say with authority is you should vigorously research these herbs prior to purchase and use. This will enable you to get much more out of them. The Internet is a great place to research herbs. So learn all you can and be responsible.


Wild Dagga
(Leonotis Leonurus)
Before after

Description: Wild Dagga promotes euphoria and exuberance when smoked. It is used in South Africa as an inebriant /marijuana substitute, which has caused the plant to earn its reputation as a legal form of wild "dagga" or Cannabis. It is reported that smoking this plant produces a marijuana-like effect, only milder.

RATING: When you establish a reputation second to none, you inspire those who would like to emulate you. And when it comes to reputations, none can match that of Wild Dagga.

1/2 oz. (14 grams only) $29.95

- Wild dagga is rumored to be mildly addictive.

1oz. 28 Grams
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Wild dagga flowers
(Leonotis Leonurus)

Description: Wild Dagga Flowers are the most potent part of the plant. They can be smoked alone or mixed with any other herbs because it is a catalyst which means it enhances the effects of herbs. It. Can also be made into a calming tea.

Our Wild dagga flowers are in extremely high demand because they are imported direct from our grower in South Africa and exceptional potency and quality.

Rating: Wild dagga flowers gives a much stronger effect than dried Wild dagga leaf, Marihuanilla petals or Klip dagga. You simply will not find better Wild dagga flowers of this quality anywhere else.

NOTE: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK - Wild dagga flowers are rumored to be mildly addictive

1/2 Ounce
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Sacred Blue Lily
(Nymphaea Cearulea)

Description: SACRED BLUE LILY - "Ancient Egyptians used Sacred Blue Lily for it's inebriating effects. It is said also known to produce a "feeling of joy that permeates the whole body, emanating from every cell" that is "delightfully wonderful and lasts for some time." The effects of smoking Sacred Blue Lily has also been described as being "quite pleasant and slightly similar to 'other herbs" but without any body load or mental dullness. 

 With out a doubt the strongest  Blue Lily you will ever try. This is a fantastic smoke and the best part is it can be blended with other herbs to add flavor and an euphoric effect to other smoking herbs or your favorite blends. Some customer's have reported that alcohol enhances the effects of the Blue Lotus.

Rating: A very smooth and enjoyable smoke. Extremely potent with inebriating effects.

1/2 ounce
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1 ounce

(Sceletium tortuosum)

Description: In our never ending quest to bring you legal herbs with great effects we are proud to offer for your consideration - Kanna, a 100% mood enlightening herb from Africa that has been found to have calming / euphoric properties on those smoke it.

This is a High Grade Premium Kanna and is NOTat all similar the Kanna powder like other sites are selling. The consistency of our Kanna is more leafy so it can easily be smoked or made into a tea. The best part is our Kanna is imported direct from the grower in South Africa. It is fresh and of the highest quality available.

USE: If your are feeling lousy, smoke 2 or 4 hits of Kanna. You will feel great in a few minutes. Effects: Relaxation, a decrease in anxiety & stress for a duration of 4 to 8 hours.

Many customers have reported after smoking Kanna, that there was a strong effect similar to Cannabis but without the dulling effects. Kanna can also be made into a tea or added to chewing gum.

NOTE: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK - The active constituents of Sceletium tortuosum are mesembrenol and tortuosamine. mesembrine ( the major alkaloid present) is a serotonin up-take inhibitor (SSRI) like the anti-depressant Prozac. Seletium must never be combined with an SSRI, MAOI, psychiatric, cardiac or any other medications. Not for use by pregnant or nursing women.

1 gram
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5 grams

California Poppy
(Eschscholzia californica)

Description: California poppy is a mild, relaxing smoke - but not that mild - do not drive after use. With some similar alkaloids, California Poppy has the reputation of being a non-addictive alternative to the opium poppy, though it is less powerful.

Rating: If you have not tried California Poppy, you owe it to yourself. The result is nothing short of spectacular - a nice relaxing smoke. California Poppy can also be made into a tea and has a mild relaxing and sedative effect.

1/2 oz.  only $12.95
Do not under estimate this very potent Herb. It makes for a great herbal smoke!

1/2 Ounce
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1 Ounce

Muira Puama
 (Ptychopetalun Olacoides)

Description: Muira Puama (Ptychopetalun olacoides)  -  When smoked is an extremely strong stimulant with hallucinogenic properties. Routinely Muira puama is combined with Damiana herb (Turnera diffusa). The hallucinogenic effects of Muira puama are often associated with similar effects to LSD.

As an erotic stimulant or aphrodisiac Muira Puama is frequently known as potency wood because it has a invigorating effect on the central nervous system and the libido that can prolong erections.

As an aphrodisiac Muira is used as a beverage or tea. In this form the herb promotes sexual energy which is well documented helping both men and women in boosting and prolonging performance, enhances virility and has been said to also help with stress management, nervous system stimulation, genital weakness, and impotence. The effects usually start within two hours after ingestion and last for 6 hours maximum.

As a tea or beverage the Indians either prepared as a beverage by either soaking it in rum for a week or by boiling it in water for 15 minutes or it was made into a tincture by boiling it in alcohol (Best simmered in Vodka) for 15 minutes. It also makes a delicious and potent tea as well.

RATING:  The effect is fantastic - a nice and energetic smoke. Muira Puama has the appearance of wood chips, so if you are wanting to grind it you should consider getting a grinder from our site on our  Paper & Accessories Page.  However it is fine smoked as is.

WARNING: Not to be used during pregnancy or while taking MAO inhibitors.
1 oz. (28 grams)

1 oz. (28 grams)
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