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FREE Herbal Sampler With All
Orders Over $25.00!


WHEN YOU CAN'T DECIDE - Since we only sell the best of the best herbal smoke products on our site in essence all our herbal smoke are the finest. So how do you choose which one is best for you among so many different brands and products? The answer is, it isn’t easy. But by choosing any one of our cost saving combo packs it certainly can help...

Because by trying anyone of our different samplers or combo packs you’re bound to find the ultimate herbal smoke that's right for you and delivers exactly what you've been looking for. So try a sampler for yourself, and discover the products that most appeal to you. Then you can go on to stock up with confidence. That, after all, is the theory behind all sampler and combo selections.



The Motherload Sampler TM


Description: OMG this sampler is freakin sweet. Our customers.  Customers are always asking us. "What are your best selling herbal smokes?" That is an easy question to answer. They are the ones listed on our BEST HERBAL SMOKES page. But then we are asked which one would you recommend. That question is a little tougher.

Fusion is by far our number one selling product. Most customers want to try it but also want to try some of our other high end prducts without breaking the bank. We are proud to off the Motherload Sampler. You now have the opportunity to try some of our deliciously derannged herbal smoke and smoking blends and at the same time find your very own favorite.

3 gram Fusion
3 gram Nitro
3 gram Retro
3 gram High Octane+
3 gram Heat

1 Pack rolling papers* and smoking instructions
* Rolling papers subject to our choice

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Aztec Brand SamplerTM
Since 1998

Description: After numerous requests to bring back this popular sampler we have once again added it to our website for a limited time. This sampler has been one of our most requested sampler throughout the years ever since the Aztec Brand hit the market back in July of 1998. The brand is probably one of the most trusted names in the industry.

If your new to herbal smoke or just have not tried any of the Aztec brand products, get this sampler. You are sure to find at least one or more blends from the sampler you will enjoy.

Discription: 1/4 oz. each of:

Aztec Gold:Capillarius Herba, Pulverized Yerba Lenna Yesca, and Chinese Wormwood
Aztec Midnight Wind: Sinicuichi , Heimia salicifolia
Aztec Temple Smoke: Wild Lettuce , Lactuca virosa
Aztec Empire Smoke: Sutherlandia frutescens (AKA Cancer Bush)
Aztec Dream Smoke: Calea Zacatechichi

1 FREE pack of rolling papers*

* Rolling papers subject to our choice

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WAS 39.00

All four of our Herbal Blends

Description: Try all four of this fantastic proprietary flavored blend of  Damiana, Marshmallow and Mullein leaf.  This sensational sampler consists of ALL four of our blend.

Rating: This sampler 
will leave you extremely satisfied. 

3 grams each of:

Hot Apple Pie
Bubble Gum

Serenity SAMPLER
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Extreme Party Pack TM

This party pack is Phenomenal!

Take 6 outstanding herbal smoking blends, plus a 1 gram sample of Nitro, and a pack of rolling papers and you've have our "EXTREME PARTY PACK" ....

Our Extreme Party Pack includes:
• 1 Bag Herbal Whoa
• 1 Bag Total Impact
• 1 Bag Dank
• 1 Bag Aztec Gold
• 1 Bag Aztec Midnight Wind
• 1 Bag Aztec Temple Smoke
• 1 Bag Nitro Super Blend
• 1 Pak Rolling Papers*
   Includes smoking instructions for maximum results

Note: Nitro, Dank, Total Impact, Aztec Gold, Midnight Wind & Temple Smoke etc. is apx. 1.5 grams each. Apx. Weights only, weight may vary. * Rolling papers subject to change or substitution without notice.

Only $26.95 -7 Bag Sampler

7 Bag Sampler
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Legacy Sampler TM

Description: Fire up one of these great herbal smokes and make sure you're not driving! Here’s your chance to try three of the hottest herbal smoking blends in the industry. If you haven’t tried any of these fantastic smokes, you’re in for a treat. If you have, you know what I’m talking about when I tell you these are some of the best tasting, most enjoyable herbal smokes on the around.

RATING: This sampler is NOT for the faint at heart! These blends are for that smoker who likes to try different tastes. Experience the entire spectrum of tastes and aromas in one sampler that represents the pinnacle of quality and value.
What you get:

• 1/4 oz. Bag King Kronic
• 1/4 oz. Bag Amsterdam Haze
• 1/4 oz. Bag Extreme Green

Only $24.95 – Per Sampler

1 of each - 1/4 ounce
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1 of each - 1 ounce