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We DO NOT sell any products that contain: Tobacco, nicotine, cannabinoids, synthetics, or banned additives of any kind.

Sheila Polk, County Attorney for Yavapai County of Arizona  Has asked us to post the following statement on our websitehowever this applies to any and all state or federal agentcies. " I agree not to sell synthetic cathinones, sythetic cannibinodes (also known as " Spice" and "Bathe Salets" and any         substance that meets the definition of an "Analogue Drug" Pursuant to 21 U.S.C. Sections 802 (32) (A) and 813 to the residents of Yavapai County, Arizona. However since we do not put any additives of any kind to our products this goesfor any States County Attorney Office or any Federal Agency.


When you fire up our herbal smoking blends   and you get only the highest-quality, most-effective, chemically-free, traditional herbal smoke available anywhere at any price.

Herbal-Smoke is 100% dedicated to the sale of all natural traditional herbal smoke and bulk herbs including Legal Herbal Buds, and Herbal Blends. There are many alternative smokes and herbal blends available, and unfortunatley the introduction of Spice, K2 other similar blends that contain harmful chemicals has changed the face of the herbal market. Other such products are known as herbal potpourri or incense blends, & Bath Salts. These products are harmful and killing people. We refuse to carry them.


Our most effective and proven herbal smoke & herbal smoking blends are the best products available on the market today. We thoroughly research all of our herbal products, bringing you only the best, strongest, and most effective blends available anywhere along with our highly regarded and respected herbal smoke since 1998..

Herbal-Smoke.com is the #1 online source for the Best-of-the-Best Herbal traditional herbal smoke and Herbal smoking Blends. We know that your business and loyalty are what really matters. We have to find and provide the products at the best possible prices in order to earn your trust.

We provide the best herbal smoke at the best possible prices.
Becuase without you, there is no us!